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I'm a political atheist who speaks about things that matter to me, that I think are important, or that just catch my attention. I claim no level of expertise in any subject matter I discuss. I encourage everyone, even the people I disagree with, to think for themselves.

If you disagree with me, all I ask is that you not be a rude cock fag and throw childish insults at me for my views. A difficult task for the majority of the internet, but one that I require anyway. I'll offer you the same level of civility in return.

I'm an industrial worker. My jobs have included various types of construction, factory assembly lines and technical refinery jobs. I get up before dawn, I come home when the sun goes down. I work hard for the money. This doesn't make me a better person than you. It sure as hell doesn't make you a better person than me.

I ascribe to the Modern Survival philosophy. I am a survivalist and a prepper. If you don't know those things are, feel free to ask and I will be happy to explain them in greater detail. If you don't want to know, don't make assumptions.

Above all, remember that we're here for two things: learning and having fun. If you're not doing one or the other, you're doing it wrong.

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